Convention Season Winding Down

Pussy Katnip by Kyander_red

Hey everyone!

Well, the long season of conventions are finally coming to a close. There are two left on our roster–GameHoleCon in Madison and PAX Unplugged up in Philadelphia–and after that we won’t be back out on the road until February. It’ll be a much needed break to allow us to recharge our batteries and prepare for a BIG 2018.

There are several things that are planned for next year, and we’ll be announcing them soon, but in the meantime let me remind folks of a few things about this year.

• We’re now offering select prints through our online store! You can see what we have and order them online to get some great art by Kyander and colored by Pussy Katnip author Brett Brooks.

• On Thanksgiving Day, one person who is currently signed up on our emailing list will be randomly selected, and that person will have a character included in a short story that will be part of the Pussy Katnip collection coming out next year.

• We’ve still got A Hand of Gold available as a FREE download on our site. A great way to sample the Pussy Katnip world and get you started in her adventures.

Keep an eye on this space for more news soon! We’ve got a lot in store coming up!

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