Child of Shadows

Book Two of The Champions of Elan

In the far northern country of Dula Koarr life is hard and the land cold and unforgiving. The people however, can be full of love.

Renarde, the fox-woman of Harmonia, has ventured into this land and found herself in the company of a desperate woman searching for her missing husband. Their journey leads them to a castle built on the side of a mountain, the home of twin sisters who rule the land and the dark secrets they harbor inside.

Racing towards cataclysm, the fate of this frozen country hangs in the balance, weighed by the actions of this Champion of Elan.

And she’s having the time of her life.

The Champions of Elan: Child of Shadows contains material that may not be considered appropriate for all ages. Parental guidance is advised.

  • Released: March 2015
  • Written by: Brett Brooks
  • Published by: Pandahead Publishing
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