Introducing... Altair

I want to help others and be a beac-on of good.


Altair (Al) is a stoic, patient man who wants to be left alone to do his duty.

He is of medium frame, but well sculpted. His body is covered in mostly white feathers on the front, with brown feathers as you move to the back. His wings—growing from his back—are brown with a series of white stripes on them. His eyes are bright yellow.

He considers it his duty to obey Aubade. She created him, for all intents and purposes, and so he owes her his life. He is far more active during the day, as his night vision is somewhat weak. He hates admitting to weakness, though, so he hides that fact from everyone. His pride can be his undoing, as he will never admit to fault or weakness.

Preferring the air to the land, he is often flying around, watching from above. He is distrustful of almost everyone, but in particular he does not trust Thibaan. He fears that she has her own motivation for things.

Altair has some difficulty speaking, as his eagle-like head has no mouth, and the beak makes it difficult to form some words. As such, he comes across as having a slight speech impediment.

Altair wears little clothing, as the humans of Elan don’t construct things for his unique physique. He will sometimes wear a robe if he wants to try to go unnoticed.