author Brett A. Brooks

Despite standing at about 6′ 3″ tall, Brett has never felt like a big man. He’s just a small fish in a big pond, doing his best to tell an enjoyable tale.

Growing up first in Indiana, and then moving to Georgia while in high school, Brett’s formative years were always surrounded by two consistents: comic books and fantasy novels. Add to that an addiction to tabletop role-playing games that came along and you’ve got the foundation for his works.

Brett is the author of the critically acclaimed horror/comedy novel, Edible Complex, along with the fantasy series The Champions of Elan (Harmonia and Child of Shadows). He is also the editor and original publisher of the cult-classic Xcrawl role-playing game (currently available through Goodman Games). He has written comics for Dark Horse and Tekno Comics, and material for White Wolf Publishing. And for many years Brett was a staff writer for Comic Shop News. So, in other words, Brett has had his fingers in the creative world for a long time now.

Currently, Brett lives just outside Atlanta with his lovely and talented wife Allyson Brooks (author of Meddling Kids and the upcoming Gigglesnort) and three cats who are constantly reminding him that their food dish is empty—even when it isn’t.

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