Introducing... Porter

I should have started by looking for you here, but I thought I might check the kitchen in case you were hungry, and then I realized I was hungry.


Porter (no nickname) is quiet but far from unassuming. His large size has him stand out in any crowd, which doesn’t seem to affect him at all. He appears gentle, but is very violent when roused to anger.

A huge being, he is covered in a thick, shaggy brown coat. The whole of his body is a single color. Many might think of him as overweight, but his skin and fur are dense, making him have a high resistance to physical damage.

Porter is incredibly friendly, to his own undoing at times. Once he trusts someone, he does so to a fault, and will defend his friends with his life. His relationship with Etude is strictly professional–or at least that’s how it seems. He is equally active during the day and night, napping at any given time throughout the day.

He has a deep, steady voice, but once his emotion rises it becomes a rumbling bellow. Porter always tries to have some clothing covering him at all times.