Introducing... Renarde

…and then I told ‘em, I told ‘em, it wasn’t really a pickle, it just looked like one.


Renarde (Rena) is a sexy, playful woman who likes to play the role of the flirt and trickster.

She has a lithe body, hips more full than her breasts. She has soft, silky silver fur, with an undertone of black, except on her front, which is black from her breasts down to her groin. The black fur also covers her legs and arms, giving the sense that she is wearing gloves that come up to the middle of her upper arm and stockings to the middle of her thighs. She has a long, bushy black tail that ends in a silver tip. Her eyes are light blue. She moves with grace; slinky would be a good term. Her tail often betrays her mood, even when she is trying to hide it.

She is devoted to Serenade and loves the night more than the day, preferring to sleep when the sun rises. She can be a bit lazy, but also curious. She likes to be hunted, pursued, and is more than willing to give a special reward to an excellent hunter.

She’s not a bad person, but can be a little obliviously self-centered, though she will always be there if truly needed. She’s friendly to everyone and everything, and her curiosity can get her into trouble (foxes are solo creatures and wary).

Her voice has a curious purring quality to it, unless she is excited then it becomes higher pitched (almost yippy).

She thinks fur is enough. No clothes. She might wear necklaces and bracelets as an eye catcher though.