Aubade (Aubry) is the most obviously powerful—though there are some that might argue that point—and the ersatz leader of the gathering.

Tall and aloof, she presides over every gathering of her sisters, and lets her personality override any other around her. Her hair is solid white and often kept in a long braid that flows down past her waist. Her skin is bronze, and her physique is rather stately, but with a large bosom. She dresses in long, flowing robes—typically white—which move with every step that she takes. Her eyes are golden.

Her domain is the sun. She sees all that happens under her light, but is finds her perception dulled greatly at night. She is not blind or inactive at night, however, as the sun is always there, just sometimes unseen.


Etude (she doesn’t care for nicknames) is the most serious of the sisters. She does not see the need for humor or frivolity, though she is very fond of social—and particularly physical—interaction.

Etude has shoulder-length strawberry-colored hair and brilliant green eyes. She typically dresses in brightly colored clothes with rich patterns on them. Her skin is light colored, and she come across rather delicate frequently. At first meeting she seems to be very average in build and height, but the longer she spends around people—especially those who provide her with her special tribute—the larger and more regal she appears.

Her domain is life. She understands the workings of every being in Elan, and as such is a perfect physician. She cannot create life, only urge it to occur, directing others to bring it about. She can guarantee—or absolutely deny—fertility in any coupling.


Serenade (Sara) is dark and mysterious, sexy and sultry, and the most secretive and plotting of the four. She is also the weakest of the four, letting her cunning make up for the lack of power.

Her body is lush and exciting, but the shape of it waxes and wanes with the phases of the moon; sometimes it is lean and hard, or it can be very different, running all the way to very full and shapely. Her hair is black and fairly short, longer on one side than the other.  What little clothing she wears is usually dark blue, silver, or black. Her skin is bright and clean, though not pale. Her eyes are blue.

Her domain is the moon, the night and the shadows. She finds direct sunlight physically painful, and so ofter carries a parasol to shield her when she must be out in it. The shadows are the place for hidden things and secrets, so it is difficult to keep things from her.


Threnody (Dee) is bright, happy, and joyful. No one seems to enjoy the day more than Dee. It is very difficult to not like Dee once you have met her.

Short and slight, she bounds about with a seemingly-endless joy and energy. Dee wears simple, soft colored clothes and rarely, if ever, any shoes. At first glance it is easy to mistake her for someone in their mid-to-late teens, as she is the youngest of the sisters. Her hair ranges from light blond to brown, depending on her mood, and her eyes are rarely the same color twice.

Her domain is death. She cannot foresee someone’s death, but she can tell if someone has had recent experience with death directly.



High Priestess Vera Foiya


Lord Mayor Marcus Stroud


Myssa Reynolds


Thomas Murray


Kendrick and Tuppins




Sigrid Elsker


Armas Elsker


Oikea and Vasen Valpuri

Oikea Valpuri- The Right Hand. Noble wearing a mask on the right side of her face. Is passive-aggressive and flattering.

Vasen Valpuri- The Left Hand. Noble wearing a mask on left side of her face. Is direct and charming.

Both sisters have fair skin and hair. Their eyes are blue. Each of them wears an elaborate and beautifully decorated mask that covers the half of their face, and they have several to choose from, all of them elaborate and expensive looking. The sisters always dress in near-identical outfits, with only a mirror image of the other for each of them. Openly they are very kind and loving to each other, but they do plot in private. Neither wants to hurt the other one, they just want to be the “primary” sister. They are cold and cruel, but in a very smooth way.

They are the Ranee of their Hundred, ruling together since the untimely, if not highly questionable, death of their parents many years ago. They have been using people from their Hundred as slave labor to find what lies hidden within the mountain below Valpuri Keep. They are ambitious, aggressive, and very, very dangerous.

Mathilda Valpuri


Sebastian (Sepi) Magne

Husband to Vasen. She has only been married to him for a short time. He is significantly older than she is, but it was his deduction of the stone that led them to start the search for the person who could open the chest. She married him to keep him close and control him. If he knows that much, he could be useful. He also enjoys the cruel, manipulative nature of Vasen. He has dark hair and eyes, cragged—but not unattractive—features, and is fairly short, perhaps 5’ 5”. She calls him “Sepi” because she thinks he is cute.

Olav Karhu

He is the ex-husband to Oikea, who left her because he felt her to be too cruel and uncaring. He desires a simple life, and lives with nothing in the small city of Mirceby, in the shadow of Valpuri Keep. He has a haggard look to him, with disheveled brown hair and brown eyes. His rough and gruff exterior can be rather off-putting, but a deeper reason resides below the surface. He blames himself for some of the things that happened while he was married to Oikea. Currently, he is working as a doctor in town.


He appears to be nothing more than a thug in the employ of the sisters, but appearances can be deceiving. How would you describe him? Big. Mean. Nasty. Think…big, mean, and nasty—with a temperament to match. He has dark hair and equally dark eyes, surrounded by dirty, dusky skin. He is normally seen wearing a large black skin across his back that he took from a bear many, many years ago. He is in service to the Ranee and follows them unquestioningly. If he had any moral objections or issues, he has yet to display them to anyone.