Introducing... Thibaan

Yesterday we revealed ourselves, and today we walk among them.



Thibaan (Tia) is smooth and sly. She puts herself into the right position, waiting for her moment, and then strikes. Whereas Renarde is a flirt, Thibaan is a seductress.

Unusually tall, her body is long and lean, but with very pronounced curves nonetheless. She has no hair anywhere on her body, with every inch of her covered in iridescent scales, ranging in color from a deep tan to pink in certain areas, while a series of rust-colored triangles decorate her back. A large black shape covers much of her head, coming to a “v” just above her black eyes. She has a small, upturned nose, and inside her mouth are a series of small, sharp teeth, including two fangs that she uses to inject venom. She has maroon eyes with slitted pupils.

Having a voice that is sultry and low, with long vowels and lingering soft sounds, Thibaan exudes her personality with every step—or so it seems. The Champion of Threnody is actually a very no-nonsense type, studying and planning a reaction to everything around her. Despite that, Thibaan is the most socially graceful of all the Champions, able to converse and hold herself well in any situation.

Despite her attitude, she is not malicious in the least. Her goals are always constructive and meant for the benefit of the greater good–or at least what she sees as the greater good.